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If you are interested in exploring the concept that Sedona is an area of Earth Energies and "Vortexes", we are proud to share with our guests the opportunity to learn about these ideas with two of Sedona's foremost authorities on working with subtle energies. They have mapped our property and invite our guests to work with them in understanding this very unique belief conveniently on our own land.
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Property Map Cottage Guesthouse Big Chair Gallery and Studio Cypress Tree Vortex Buddha Vortex Heartwheel Vortex Tipi Vortex Heart Energy Vortex White Buffalo Vortex Andromeda Portal Chakra 7 Vortex Inukshuk consciousness vortex of the 12th level Graditude Circle consciousness vortex of the 11th level Labyrinth Alpha Centauri portal Pleiadean portal. Sirian portal. Angel Swing Dolphin Energy Vortex Sirian Pyramid consciousness vortex of the 12th level CCW Dolphin Circle Vortex Chakra 5 CW Vortex Fairy EnergyVortex

The land upon which Sedona Dream Maker is located had been used by the indigenous people (the Sinagua, the Hohokam and Anaszasi) in ancient times as part of their spiritual path. They used this land to for healing, to find answers (vision quest) cleansing, fasting and to do ceremonies. This was a place where people prepared themselves before going on to the major energy site of Sedona. You can use these vortexes and energy sites to help you to prepare for a new phase in your life by letting go of the “old” that is no longer needed as well as to bring in new energies to support you.
Complete List of all Vortex and Energy Spots on our Property

Discription of each Vortex and Energy Spots on our Property
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