The land upon which Sedona Dream Maker is located had been used by the indigenous people (the Sinagua, the Hohokam and Anaszasi) in ancient times as part of their spiritual path.  They used this land to for healing, to find answers (vision quest) cleansing, fasting and to do ceremonies. This was a place where people prepared themselves before going on to the major energy site of Sedona.  You can use these vortexes and energy sites to help you to prepare for a new phase in your life by letting go of the “old” that is no longer needed as well as to bring in new energies to support you.


Short description of the different vortexes and energy spots


1.  The swing under the large Juniper is the location of a kidney meridian vortex. This location can help you to let go and/or deal with tears and fears. It is also a place that can help to strengthen your whole system.

In addition it is a place that the Angelic Realm has made itself more available to us ( it is a doorway into the Angel Realms). For that reason we call it the “Angel Swing”.


2.  This is a consciousness vortex which can help you to open to have clearer dreams and out-of-body experiences


3.  A Sirian portal is located at the pyramid.  Sirius consciousness can connect us with higher knowledge


4.   The Buddha marks the location of a small intestine vortex.  It is place that makes it easier to embrace what is good for us and let go of what is not good for us both the physical level and emotional levels.

This is also the location of a Pleiadean portal, a doorway into Pleiadean consciousness that can bring healing energy to areas in need.


5.   Next to the Arizona Cypress in the SE corner is a stomach meridian vortex. This meridian strengthens us in general and helps us to deal with worries.


6.   This a 4th Chakra  vortex which helps us to connect with unconditional love.


7. Under the Arizona Cypress in the pen is at the south side of the bench a White Buffalo/Pleiades consciousness vortex, which focuses on healing and peace.


8. Just next to Arizona Cypress on the same side as the bench is an Andromeda portal. This doorway connects to the Andromeda consciousness which helps us to connect to LOVE (unconditional).


9. In the Center of the Heart wheel is a junction of different consciousness lines that helps us to get insight into what we need to change in our 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras. This wheel was removed for the Donkeys but the energy remains as it is on an energy line that passes through Bell Rock, the Tipi and onto Sacred Mountain, a prehistoric Sinagua Ruin south of Sedona in the Wet Beaver Creek area.


10.  Next to the hammock next to the cottage is a 7th chakra vortex. This vortex helps us to experience oneness from a spiritual perspective: I am one with All That Is.  It is also the location of the second Andromeda portal.


11.  In front of the blue orb is a consciousness vortex which expresses the highest level of human consciousness through our heart. The line that this vortex is on also goes through Dee’s gratitude circle (see #25).


12.  Near the Juniper that stands in the little circle in the driveway is a consciousness vortex which helps us to connect with our heart and thus love.


13.  Under the pine in the SW corner is in the shrubs a second Pleiadean portal.


14.  In a small circle in the labyrinth (the circle with the pottery disc with spirals) is an Alpha Centauri portal. This is a doorway into the Alpha Centauri consciousness that helps us to integrate higher spiritual values.


15.  The big chair is located on a heart meridian vortex. This meridian regulates the function of the whole meridian system. It also helps us to let go of any pretense or trying to be who we are not. This area is also part of and connected with the whale consciousness vortex that strengthens this meridian with this potent strength of the Whales. Under the Juniper at the west side of the house (with the blue chair) is the whale consciousness vortex. This is a place to connect with the ancient wisdom that whales hold as well as the consciousness of the whales in general.


16. At the north side of the house next to the purple orb is a second Sirian portal.


17.  Near the small medicine wheel at the north side of the house is a 5th chakra vortex. This vortex helps us to speak our truth and to express who we truly are.


18.  At the big stone seat at the north-east side of the house is a dolphin consciousness vortex. This vortex helps us to feel joy, love and to be light and playful.


19. In the center of the “tipi” is a 1st chakra vortex. This place helps us to feel safe and accepted. It also helps us to reconnect and feel one with Gaia. There is also an Arcturian portal. The consciousness of the Arcturians helps us to teach that what we have to share with others. The cover was made by a Lakota White Buffalo Woman and brings the White Buffalo Energy (#7) from the Donkey pen on a Ley Line that runs from Bell Rock to Montezuma’s Well (south about 7 miles). All of this energy makes Astral traveling more practical and effortless.


20. At the circle with the bowls of stones and crystals is another dolphin consciousness vortex.


21. The Large Spiral Vortex was created after the Miniature Donkeys arrived to shift the energy from the Heartwheel (#9) for guests to enjoy. We have noticed a great deal of Orbs being photographed at this spot especially at Dusk.


22. The Labyrinth is a place for releasing, meditation, and relaxation. It contains Angel Energy that has been photographed here as well as orbs in the form of spirit energy.


23. The Inukshuk is on a vortex that relates to ancient people and cultures. Find a connection with prehistoric traditions here.


24. Fairy Energy is very prevalent in the courtyard and connects with the heart energy of the Art Gallery and Studio.


25. The last vortex is a place to give your Gratitude back to the land here. Thank her for all she has given to you and countless other guests and lightworkers of this property.





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Property Map Cottage Guesthouse Big Chair Gallery and Studio Cypress Tree Vortex Buddha Vortex Heartwheel Vortex Tipi Vortex Heart Energy Vortex White Buffalo Vortex Andromeda Portal Chakra 7 Vortex Inukshuk consciousness vortex of the 12th level Graditude Circle consciousness vortex of the 11th level Labyrinth Alpha Centauri portal Pleiadean portal. Sirian portal. Angel Swing Dolphin Energy Vortex Sirian Pyramid consciousness vortex of the 12th level CCW Dolphin Circle Vortex Chakra 5 CW Vortex Fairy EnergyVortex

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