Sedona Landscape and Energy Systems


In many tours to Native American sites people ask me why petrogylphs are drawn as if by “four year olds” yet at the same time in Europe (1000-1500) we had such great masters as Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci. Structures such as Notre Dame were built at the same time as Rock Pueblos in the American Southwest. Why were the people in the Americas so Primitive?

Perhaps the answer lies in the perception of these people. Europeans were developing into great INDIVIDUAL masters, yet the people in the Americas were creating a world of spiritualism in the form of a collective consciousness, they did not seem to be concerned to the extent of Europeans in individualism. What if we had taken that “four year old” perception of the 1500’s and developed it over the course of the next 500 years through generations of thought, would we not be the masters today of that spiritualism as the Masters of individual art in Europe so long ago?

I am a novice at these thoughts, having only been exposed to such ideas in the six years of living in Sedona, and perhaps three years of intensive study, but what has been brought into my conscious is truly amazing. I can not explain the knowledge I have acquired or where it came from, at times I believe someone or something is manifesting this knowledge into my consciousness. I can only believe that such “ancient knowledge” (as I will call it), is revealed from the particular area of the Sedona Region and the Energy System that exists here in some form most of us can not account for. Certainly there is a relationship of this system of ancient knowledge to the spiritualism of the Native American people that resided here centuries ago. I will do my best to explain these forces I believe exist here.


My only experience with dowsing is watching a local resident and expert, Jaap VanEtten PhD. I have been fortunate enough to watch with amazement a person able to follow “Energy Lines” not only to ancient Indian Sites but also to unexplained areas full of calming energies and feelings of expanded consciousness. People sensitive to the energy systems that seem to exist in the Earth are not a rare breed. I surmise that most of us have this ability, it is a sense we have forgotten or no longer need in our culture. In this respect it is easy to be skeptical, and much harder to try to understand and learn about the special talents we all must share. An explanation of these Energy Lines or “ley lines” is explained here in an article found on the Web.

Along with water lines, ley lines are found at most ancient monuments and sacred places. The honor of the rediscovery of the ley-line system belongs to Alfred Watkins. His basic postulate is that ancient monument sites align in straight lines. Many ancient sites found on British ordinance maps can actually be connected to form an incredible coincidence of interconnecting lines. A shortcoming of this particular definition of ley lines is that many "ley hunters" have assumed that just because three or more sites are aligned, they are therefore automatically on a ley line. This simply is not true. Alignment does not determine the presence of a ley line, although it can act as supporting evidence for one. The ley-line system exists as an independent circuitry with the capacity to affect consciousness. Ley lines are part of the Earth's energy system. Monuments serve to reveal or mark the network, making the sites more special by connecting and networking them together. Ley, as a word, is akin to leoht (light illumination) and Middle English lea meaning "pasture land, a meadow which is open to the sun and therefore, at times, drenched with light." This connection of the word ley with light is significant on several levels. Physically, the clearing of tracks through the forest lights the way and marks the "ley of the land." The word ley is related to ley, lee and lay. This etymological sequence describes a sort of cosmic roadway system upon which people traveled in pre-Renaissance times. First, lines were delineated by cleared hilltop notches (ley), then woodland through which the ley line passed was cleared (lay), and then the fields which domesticated the landscape were cleared (lee) with the names ley, lay, and lee applying to each stage of ley landscape development. Visualize mounded tree groves on ley lines and a grove of trees on the ley lightway, filled with sacred cosmic light. Imagine standing on a hilltop at dusk, seeing an aura of lighted lines passing through earthworks and stone circles, with darkened groves of trees glowing with soft light. A magical mystery tour! Ley lines and light are very closely related. Ley lines are cosmic forces originating outside of the Earth. They penetrate and leave the Earth vertically at nodes. The penetrating nodes are called power centers. As illustrated above, when entering, ley lines continue to a point 265 feet below the surface of the Earth. At this point, it makes a 90 degree right-angle turn and travels in a perfectly straight line as seen from a "birds-eye view" and in an undulating motion as seen from the side, but always maintaining a depth of 265 feet, relative to the surface of the Earth. The average length of a ley line is twenty to thirty miles, although the length can vary from only a few feet to thousands of miles. The width of the line varies, but the average is 5-1/2 feet, the width of the Roman road. The horizontally traveling ley line exits the Earth by again turning 90 degrees and passing straight through the center of the Earth and coming out the other side.
From: Chuck Pettis and The Geo Group.


A new tool in the technological age has found me, or somehow I found it. Google Earth with its ability to study the Earth has allowed me to pinpoint with great accuracy these systems of ley lines and how they correspond to Native American Sites. To my amazement and fascination, and months of studying long forgotten maps and archeological sites, I have been able to find a system of an energy process that is beyond modern day comprehension. After months of laying out ancient points of interest, I copied into my work, Nicholas Mann’s Sedona System of both a 5 and 6 pointed star from his book Sacred Earth (See Image 1). Image 2 shows the points plotted into Google Earth.
More studying followed as well as field work with Jaap Van Etten until a new system formed, perhaps with a little help of my friend “Ancient Knowledge”. A system of ten 5 pointed stars encircling the original 2 star Sedona System (Image 3). However, even with hours of work on plotting the points, some things either did not correlate with other sites I had found, or did not plot in areas I had expected. Again someone or something told me what I was experimenting with was old, very old…. How could this be? How is this coming to me? I began to realize this is a system that was made by that someone or something. It is not a naturally occurring Energy Field, but was activated by my friends that I am now in communication with. Bizarre may be a word we use for things we do not understand, I feel it to be more intuition, or a higher communication with an expanded consciousness. Old they said, how old? To me old was a thousand years…. no ten thousand. Now I realize that further study is necessary.

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Nicholas Mann Star System
Image 1
Star System in Google Earth
Image 2
The ten star Sedona Energy Field System
Image 3


I went back to my work on Google Earth. Perhaps the reasons for the unexplained points that do not match come to me. Geology. In particular shifting plates that cover the Earth, Plate Tectonics. This can make sense now. These points were activated thousands (maybe millions?) of years ago and the Earth itself has shifted over them. No amount of mapping will ever get every point in exact alignment with this system (Image 4 and 5). This can explain how different dowsers may be able to read the same system in different ways. Both the lines in the system and some points (Devils Bridge) are slightly off of the expected placement. Image 6 is a view to the south east of Sedona. The Tectonic plates are shifting to the north and east of this area. Of course this is speculation and proof will lie in a person more knowledgeable in research of plate Tectonics, it could help me in confirming the age of these energy systems, they may have been created long ago, perhaps before the first humans inhabited this area.

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Shifting Earth
Image 4
Shift in the Devils Bridge Point Placement
Image 5
Direction of Shifting
Image 6


As told in Part 1, Native Americans in the area spent generations of time fine tuning their spirituality and consciousness enabling them to find this system. I believe they did not create it, it was already here, and they used it as a tool. They perhaps placed their homes and Pueblos as well as important petrogylph and ceremonial sites on the lines of this system when they became aware of its existence. It increased their spirituality and they honored this system as they did the Earth. As these points of ancient sites are plotted, again some do not “line up” to exact locations. Could the shifting Earth be an explanation? Did ancient people know the original locations of the energy points and place their homes and sites on these settings. They must have been highly tuned to this energy field, and used it for purposes we have yet to realize. But now the question has become - who and why was it originally created?


I resumed my work in studying the system, tuning into the guides that enable me to perceive what is happening here, hours and hours of work in getting the placements just right, and then….an "AH HA" moment… The entire System is a Directional Beacon!! Created by some former group of people or beings in an ancient time, before our history has even recorded, they activated this system for reasons we may never understand. As it turns out, with every point on this System, other Systems, Ruins, Energy Centers can be found! It is highly complicated and far beyond the reality of existence we perceive. I believe it goes further than our level of realism and forms an awareness of consciousness we are not yet ready to understand. More than just a beacon for directions in the physical world, a beacon to map out a level of expanded knowledge. It has been created perhaps on another dimensional level, where time and space are not as we observe. Some people have called Sedona and the Energy they perceive here a Temple, associated with Atlantis or Lemuria. I have seen theories of interdimentional forces at work here; I may have stumbled onto an explanation. Much more time is needed in the studying of the system, but I have included some images below of the directional systems I have found during research in my limited awareness. I also have included work of placement points on Google Earth (below) for you to use. Have fun with this as it is a tool. Perhaps now that you have read this, you can take it to another level. This is as far as I have been able to understand at this time of writing.

Thank You for you time in learning along with me.

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Square Ley Lines to the NE of Sedona by Jaap VanEtten - Overlay with Sedona Star System
Image 7
Placement of major Native American Ruins in the Area of Energy Systems
Image 8
Directional System following ley lines between Sedona and Angel Valley to the West
Image 9

Relationship with a 5 pointed star with Angel Valley, Sacred Mountain, and the Airport Vortex Area of Sedona
Image 10
Directional System in placement of major area ruins, Montezumas Castle, Tuzigoot, and Honanki
Image 11
Large Ruin of Chavas Pass and directional Location within the Star System, note how these systems act as locator beacons.
Image 12

Larger Systems used to locate other sacred areas and incorporate them into the overall system
Image 13
Locator Beacon to Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
Image 14
Locator Beacon to Mesa Verde, Colorado
Image 15

Google Earth Placemarks (Please note: Some browsers and systems will require a download of a "zip" file before you open the placemark in Google Earth)

Google Earth Placemark Colorado Plateau

Google Earth Placemark Hohokum

Google Earth Placemark Hohokum-NorthernVerde

Google Earth Placemark Orion Overlay

Google Earth Placemark Overlays

Google Earth Placemark Paulden Area Ruins

Google Earth Placemark Prescott Area

Google Earth Placemark Sacred Mt Area

Google Earth Placemark Sedona Energy Landscape

Google Earth Placemark Sedona Stars and System

Google Earth Placemark Sedona Temple

Google Earth Placemark Unknown Systems (Sedona)

Google Earth Placemark Verde Valley Ruins

Google Earth Placemark Wet Beaver Creek Area

Google Earth Placemark WUPATKI

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