Date: _____________________

Agreement between Dreammaker LLC., Phil and Delores Winkelstern Managing Partners, Owners, and_                  __________________, Tenant(s), for a dwelling located at 328 Dreammaker Way, Sedona AZ 86351.

The Full Monthly Rental (28 days - four weeks) on this dwelling is one thousand six hundred fifty dollars, ($1650.00) per month. Rent includes water, sewage, electricity, phone, Wireless Internet, Satellite TV, and any other utilities; a $100.00 fee is assessed for any extra nightly stay.

Other Charges_______________________________

Tenant agrees to rent this dwelling for the dates_                   ____with a lease agreement for the amount of ______             payable in advance no later than 30 days before the rental term. Rent does not include applicable taxes and fees that are assessed on this property by Yavapai County (currently 7.325%). Payment is due by cash, check or credit card, (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) Payable to Dreammaker LLC. Any additional monthly or weekly term is to be made in advance of the previous term.

The rental fee for this agreement is                          and begins ______ _______________.

Taxes assessed for this term is $__           ___.

Total due for the rental period. $___           ____. Due in full by _________________(30 Days prior to rental)_        

A Deposit 0f 50% of rental term due is on reservation; payment of __________paid on_               _

 Balance due:________________________  Date Due:______________ . 

Without Owners' prior written permission, no other persons may live, stay, or be guests of the tenant, nor may the dwelling be sublet or used for business purposes.

No pets of any kind are allowed.

Remarks (if any):



1) To accept the dwelling "as is," with the guarantee that the owners have represented the dwelling as stated.

2) To keep yards clean and garbage bins covered and emptied at appropriate times.

3) To keep from making loud noises and disturbances and to play music and broadcast programs at all times so as not to disturb other people's peace and quiet.

4) Not to paint the dwelling without first getting written permission from the Owner.

5) This dwelling is able to accommodate (1) motor vehicle in an assigned space. Other vehicles require writen approval from the owners. 

6) Not to repair motor vehicle on the premises (unless it is in the enclosed carport) if such repairs will take longer than a day.

7) To allow Owner to inspect the dwelling, work on it, or show it to prospective tenants at reasonable times.

8) Not to keep any liquid-filled furniture in this dwelling.

9) To pay rent by cash, check, credit card or money order made payable to the Owner (returned checks will have applicable late payment fees) - or by the terms of the agreement above.

10) To pay for repairs of any and all damage, they or their guests have caused. Upon check out, the dwelling shall be inspected by the Owners and tenant can be assesed charges for damage and appropriate cleaning fees.

11) To pay for any windows broken in the dwelling while they live there.

12)All Children are the full responsibility of the Adult Custodians, and must be respectfull of our home, property and other guests.

13)Check in is at or after 4:00PM on the first day of the rental period. Check out is at 11:00AM on the last day of the rental term. Late checkouts are $35.00 per hour after 11:00AM and full day rental ($100.00) if checking out after 1:00 PM

14) Deposits and payments are non-refundable unless we are able to rent the Guest House for the full term that was reserved. A 10% fee will be assessed towards any cancellation for fees and processing costs. Vacation Insurance is highly recomended in case of emergency cancellations.


Other Remarks by Tenant ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Violation of any part of this Agreement or nonpayment of rent when due shall be cause for eviction or cancellation of rental terms under applicable code sections.

Tenant hereby acknowledges that he has read this Agreement, understands it, agrees to it, and has been given a copy.

Owner: __________________________________________________________________________________

 Tenant: __________________________________________________________________________________